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Welcome to the Frontpage
About Kapil Sharma


I'm Kapil Sharma, not a celebrity but still I think there are few peoples who would like to know about me. In place of posting tweets on twitter or updating status on facebook and/or orkut, I preferred to create my personal site and let my friends/relatives or anyone else know about me better from this site. Alternately, I'd like to keep important instances of my life properly documented and a personal blog which do not depends on any free provider as free services will end someday; later or sooner.

Below is a short story of my life till now. I'll keep it maintaining as soon as something important happen in my life.

I completed my schooling from Bhopal with Maths-Science and Engineering in Electronics and Tele-Communication from Raipur University in 2004. Although I completed engineering in electronics and tele-communication, I'd more interest in computer science and I wanted to start my career as a programmer which was little difficult for me due to lack of CS education. I first joined Aims Interactive as a web designer, where I was designing web pages in basic HTML & Java Script. I got a big boost in my career when I was asked and given a chance in as Java programmer in Aims Interactive. After working there for around two plus years and learnt a lot of advanced features of Java, I joined In2m Technologies (dba Finicity) in 2007. In2m (now Finicity) is a US based company and there I really learned how to manage mega software products. They were using all the latest technologies and best practices to maintain their highly spread product. There, I first know the concepts like Refactoring, eXtreme Programming (XP), Scrum development, SEO, SOA/ESB etc. I'd to admit that joining In2m was crucial part of my life. I was enjoying my work there but as most people says, life consist of both good and bad phases. There was a global slow down and In2m having their client base in US was also badly hit. As a result, there was a mass layout in the company and I was a part of it. It was real bad phase for me as that happens just after 45 days of my marriage. However in just two months, in early 2009, I joined games2win (abbr. G2w). G2w, at the time of my joining, was one of the top 20 gaming sites of the world. Now it is one of the top 15 gaming sites of the world.

In early 2010, I was forced to return to Bhopal due to some family reasons. Bhopal is not an IT city thus there were no jobs for me. I joined YouthPark as Team Lead. Youthpark is a software company and part of group of the companies of few individuals having their other business in education sector. After being there for around one year, I joined Inc10 as Team lead. At Inc10, I was forced to work majorly on PHP but in Bhopal, I was actually out of options. After working in Inc10 for around 1.5 years, I decided to return back to Pune, to get better opportunities, both technically and financially.

I joined Siddbetter in Pune as Senior manager (web-tech) in July 2012 and working there since then.